Nice to meet you

I'm Eoin, which is Irish for Owen. I love art, comedy and movies. I'm from Ireland. I teach animation at the Beijing Academy of Creative Arts.

My first children's book, Seaside Countdown is available on Amazon. It's a picture book about marine life. Preview the book and download free worksheets here.

I like painting and drawing in a variety of mediums, my work can be viewed here.

I’m interested in visual storytelling in all forms, please view my short films and animations here.

I occasionally write and illustrate a cartoon strip called Space Avalanche, some of my strips were animated for Trip Tank, a show on Comedy Central. You can view some of my cartoons here. Please note, it's a cartoon for grownups, not suitable for kids.

Email: eoryan@gmail.com

Wechat: EoinMRyan

I look forward to hearing from you.


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