The Good Cake company is a local bakery run by full time mother Efi. These cakes are not your ordinary cake – these are unusual recipes made using healthy organic ingredients. The ethos is honesty, natural food sourced ethically & locally.

At Home With It is the brainchild of Elena Hensinger, PhD. It provides a new type of one to one tuition service for improving your life through intelligent use of IT. It is aimed at all types of user - for all types of devices. It has a range of offers, including a course that introduces seniors to everyday use of IT so they can feel more empowered and better able to connect to friends and family.

A concept logo for Riverford Farms.

Celtic Fighter is an apparel range aimed at Irish American MMA market.

Ape of Steel is a logo for the blog by software developer Dave Concannon. This is a great blog about entrepreneurship, lean startups, customer development, and the business of software.

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